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Miami's most innovative psychotherapy services for individuals, families and companies.

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Our innovative range of services offers help and solutions for individuals, families and companies. Therapy to overcome situations -including recovery from addictions-, and psychoeducation to learn the tools for personal growth.


Therapy is not just for problems, but also for personal growth.


Our method for treating addictions is effective and unique.


Psychoeducation is not just about therapy.

Mental Health at your Business Matters

Mental health is a major burden on every company. It affects everybody’s job performance at all levels, from interns up to board members.
According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 1 in 5 adults in the US experience a menthal illnes.
Taking care of the mental health in your organization helps employees feel valued and supported, increasing productivity and engagement; and reducing absenteeism and disability costs.
"Mental Health Programs in the Workplace are good to your Business."

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Therapy is not only for those who have problems

We all have problems

Therapy is for those who want to fix them!

Now is your time
to take The Daring Way™

You can choose courage
or you can choose comfort
but you cannot have both
Adolescents 'At-Risk'
Psychoeducation Program

Does he know?

The onset of multiple risk behaviours, such as smoking, anti-social behaviour, hazardous alcohol consumption and unprotected sexual intercourse, cluster in adolescence1–6 and are associated with increased risk of poor educational attainment, future morbidity and premature mortality. Multiple risk behaviour in adolescence | Journal of Public Health ...

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Psychotherapy, Counseling and Consulting.

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